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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a common, long-term disorder that affects how you think, feel, and behave. Andrea Skrocki’s psychiatry and behavioral health telemedicine practice in Colorado treats OCD. She understands how OCD can take over your life and provides the support and tools you need to regain control.

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What is obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is characterized by a pattern of intrusive thoughts and fears (obsessions) that trigger the need to engage in repetitive behaviors (compulsions) to ease the anxiety caused by the obsessions.

People with OCD know their thoughts and behaviors are extreme and not rational but feel they have no control over them.

Researchers are still investigating the cause of OCD but theorize that it might develop due to changes in brain activity. There also seems to be a genetic link.

What are the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder?

OCD symptoms vary and can include obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviors, or both.

Obsessive thoughts- Obsessive thoughts in OCD are unwanted, irrational, and persistent thoughts that trigger anxiety—for example, persistently thinking that you forgot to turn off the stove or fearing contamination by germs.

Compulsive behaviors- Compulsive behaviors in OCD are the repetitive acts you engage in to ease the anxiety caused by your obsessive thoughts. For example, constantly checking to make sure the stove is off or excessively washing your hands. The compulsion is severe and can take up hours every day.

What happens during an evaluation for obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Andrea completes a psychiatric diagnostic evaluation at your initial consultation for OCD. She reviews your symptoms and medical history and uses screening tools to create a diagnostic impression that helps her create an individualized treatment plan for you.

Many people with OCD have other mental health conditions, like depression and anxiety. Andrea’s thorough evaluation helps her identify all underlying factors affecting your mental well-being.

Your initial evaluation with Andrea takes 50-60+ minutes.


What are the treatments for obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Andrea takes a collaborative approach to care and talks to you about your OCD and the treatments that can help. Treatment for OCD can include medication management, psychotherapy, or both.

Medication management for OCD- Andrea might recommend selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) for medication management of your OCD. These medications can help lessen your OCD symptoms.

Psychotherapy- Andrea recommends combining medication management with therapy to get the most benefits.

She also requests you schedule an appointment with your primary care provider for a wellness exam and lab work.

OCD is a long-term disorder that can take over your life.  Don't wait any longer, let Andrea help you live your best life.

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