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Adult ADHD presents diagnostic and therapeutic challenges

Aug 07, 2023
The most common neurodevelopmental disorder of childhood often persists throughout life & may affect 4-5 percent of US adults. Yet adult ADHD remains controversial, & many providers are reluctant to assess, diagnose, and/or treat it. Read more below.

Therapeutic Challenges for Adult ADHD:

According to the Mayo Clinic, diagnosis of Adult ADHD is complicated by behavioral, mood, and when medical disorders, including depression, anxiety, substance use, thyroid problems, and sleep apnea, are present.  Many medical conditions can mask symptoms of adult ADHD, and psychiatric comorbities make treatment even more difficult.  Some estimate that more than half of adults who had childhood ADHD have one or more psychiatric disorders.  It is best to have an annual exam with blood work to rule out any other medical causes to your symptoms, but don't stop there.  Get the help you need with an ADHD specialist, like Andrea D. Skrocki, Psychiatric NP in Colorado

Diagnostic Challenges for Adults with untreated ADHD:

ADHD is further complicated in adults trying to get diagnosed and treated IN adulthood as the DSM-5 criteria for ADHD remain child-focused, and not specific for adult symptoms.  As a result, only about 1/3 of adults meet the diagnostic criteria.  

Most adults with lifelong ADHD symptoms often struggle with continued inattention, difficulty with planning, follow-through, organization and time management when unmanaged.  The hyperactivity symptoms present when younger often decline or disappear in adulthood.  Impulsivity often remains a signficant problem and can result in multiple failed relationships, inability to keep a job or remain in college, financial stess/excessive spending, substance abuse, and tobacco use.  

Professional and specialized treatment options for Adult ADHD:

Andrea D Skrocki, Psychiatric NP, PLLC can help you get the answers and the custom treatment you need to manage your ADHD symptoms and live a better life.  ADHD is not a one size fits all and you will get a customized treatment plan that works for YOUR life.